Electric cars are increasingly being used all over the world. However, they aren’t as commonly seen or used in the Czech Republic. Here are some reasons why electric vehicles are better than their diesel/gasoline counterparts:


  • Absolutely reliable
  • No start up problems in the summer or winter
  • Few main components: an electric motor, a battery, an 18tube controller and a transfer on axle-drive
  • Runs on electricity, and charged using 230V, which is easily available
  • Initial investment is considerably less than purchasing a gas-powered car
  • Operating costs are much lower
  • Ideal for working teams – no need to record fuel consumption
  • Zero pollution, zero emissions
  • No further investment in oil, lubricant, or service
  • Electric tricars are very affordable

There are about 300 million electric tricars in the world, used in various ways: transporting people and cargo, collecting rubbish, distributing water for drinking, and watering plants, etc.

Tricars are more practical than motor vehicles. They are reliable and easy to use. Electric vehicles are not dependent on the price of oil. According to calculations, it uses 15 Wh on 1 km, and at an average price of CZK 4.51 /kWh, operating a tricar will be less than CZK 7/ 100 Km. Costs will be less when charging during low tariff rates.

In comparison, gasoline and diesel cars cost about CZK 70/100 Km, meaning that the operating cost of a tri-car is less.  Although the price of electricity is increasing, the costs for charging an electric tri-car remain reasonable.

An electric engine is up to 200% more efficient than a combustion engine. Gas engines only use about 35% of the energy from fuel to operate the car. The rest is converted to heat. On the other hand, electric motors have over 90% efficiency, meaning that waste is kept at a minimum.

Simple construction (no carburator, clutch, and transmission) means that service is required rarely and motor durability is estimated at 100,000km.
If motor replacement is necessary, it does not take more than an hour and the cost will not exceed several thousand CZK.


  • You need to be 18 years and over to drive an E-Tricar.